Automation Light Systems a-es11

A-ES11 PIR Motion Sensor with Floodlight.Halogen Lamps A-ES11 150W watt and Halogen Lamps A-ES11 500W watt.

The infrared induced lamp has an infrared detector with it. When the thermal body moving in the darkness the detector will light the lamp automatically and turn off after a period of time set in advance.

PIR Motion Sensor with Floodlight, Day and Night mode, Time adjustment, Selectable sensitivity of the detector.


Power Source : AC 220/240, 50Hz

Max Lighting load : 150W/500W (Halogen tube)

Detection angle : up to 120 °

Detection range : up to 14Meters

Time adjustment : (10 ± 5) sec. to (4 ± 1 ) min

Warm uptime : about 1 min

Mounting Height :1.8 Meters to 2.4 Meters


Store Room, Parking Lot, Near Gate, Basements, Multi Apartment Complexes, Garage.

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