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School Timer

School Timer, College Timer, Factory Timer, School Bell Timer Chennai India

School Timer

Active T5-40 is microcontroller equipment which can be used for school, colleges and factories for avoiding manual interface for ringing the existing siren or a gang bell.

In many schools the operation of the bells relies on a staff member manually operating a switch each time a school period, lunch or recess bell is required. This device is basically a bell timer, which rings the Electric gong bell at set times for the preset programmed duration as per requirement. This is a cyclic timer which maintains the stored values of time in a built-in memory and repeats the cycle on programmed days at exact programmed times.

Benefits : Plays bells at preset times, No need to assign a person for ringing bell every time, Accuracy to timings, No manual intervention, Saves man power and money, Easy programming with the help of manual.

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