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Intrusion Alarm System Manufacturer

There is not much use of detecting an intrusion until and unless an alarm is raised. That is why you need an intrusion alarm system to protect your property from unwanted visitors. A proper intrusion alarm is a system designed to detect intrusion into a building or area. An Intrusion alarm system manufacturer designs such […]

Boundary Surveillance Optex

The need for boundary surveillance Generally when a traditional security system is installed, detectors are located inside the building, notifying the monitoring station in case an intrusion has been detected within the building. But is that really necessary? Waiting for property damage and leaving a premises susceptible to complete intrusion before one might be notified? […]

How Biometrics is shifting consumer behaviors?

How Biometrics is shifting consumer behaviors and help consumers build their identity and stay safe. With the addition of biometrics, companies, banks and most of the leading organisations have even more choices to create identity for thier customers and protect their customers from fraud threats Biometrics are key to the future of identity and special […]
H.265 Hikvision Chennai India

H.265+ Video Surveillance 4K

H.265+ takes video surveillance to the 4K era H.265+ introduction and background Recently, ultra-high-definition surveillance cameras introduced 4K resolution to the security industry. However, 4K resolution has yet to achieve wide application, mainly because of its tremendous bandwidth and data storage requirements. Limiting the bitrate of an ultra-HD video feed while retaining a high-quality, 4K […]
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You are CCTV Installer Or CCTV Supplier ?

Wishes from Active Total Security Systems-ATSS, a Security Alarm System Manufacturing Company, established in the Year 2003. In Today Scenario Focusing on Single Product Solution or Selling is Difficult to Survive. How to earn additional income with your existing customer and dealer network. By the way of introducing new technology keep on educate and engage […]