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CCTV Parking Lot Solutions Chennai India.

Parking Lot CCTV Solutions

PARKING LOT CCTV SOLUTIONS Conveniently manage your parking lot while protecting drivers and their cars ACTi offers an end-to-end IP video surveillance solution for three different scopes of outdoor parking lots: 1. Small self-service parking area for tens of cars 2. Medium-sized parking field for hundreds of cars 3. Large parking area for thousands of […]
Logistic Warehouse CCTV Solutions Chennai India

Logistic Warehouse CCTV Solutions

LOGISTICS WAREHOUSE CCTV SOLUTIONS Secure the flow of goods, and optimize the operation processes Protecting the goods from damage and loss, and delivering them within the estimated arrival time are the most critical missions that logistics companies have to accomplish. However, the logistics business deals with thousands of goods and people, therefore involving complex operation […]
School CCTV Solutions Chennai India.

CCTV School Solutions

CCTV SCHOOL SOLUTIONS Safeguard students, staff and properties, and facilitate the operations. Schools are always facing the challenges of burglary, vandalism, bullying and violence, and in such a sizable area where there are numerous students, staff and properties, it is not possible to ensure people’s safety and protect properties in schoolyard merely by human efforts. […]
Vehicle CCTV Solutions Chennai India

Mobile Vehicle CCTV Solutions

MOBILE VEHICLE CCTV SOLUTIONS – ATSS Protect people, verify events, and improve operation efficiency ACTi CCTV Mobile Vehicle Solutions Useful for Security Management, Operation Management, IT Management Nowadays, in-vehicle surveillance has become more and more significant in order to deter pickpocketing, clarify incidents, car collisions, or reinforce driver’s accountability. This video based solution not only […]
Retail CCTV Security Solutions Chennai India

Retail CCTV Security Solutions

RETAIL CCTV SECURITY SOLUTIONS-ATSS Secure Your Store, and maximize your revenue International Companies and top retailers worldwide are seeking ways to generate profits from advanced processes in their operations, promotions, merchandising, human resource and security management.Video based solutions are not just systems utilized for surveillance, but also as a solution with intelligent and analytical ability, […]
CCTV Camera Chennai India

CCTV Camera

The Use of CCTV in Criminal Investigations Closed Circuit Television(CCTV) footage can be absolutely critical in the investigation of crimes, with footage caught on camera often proving to be a decisive piece of evidence. For the investigating officers, it’s a time consuming process, but one that can be crucial to the conviction of parameters. Common […]
Burglar Alarm Systems Chennai India.

Security Alarm Systems-ATSS

ATSS Your Partner for Electronic Security Systems Business Growth. We at ATSS manufacturing high-end home & commercial security systems, the security alarm system can be your best pick for your customer safety and security. Since our inception in 2003, we are serving the dealers and sellers with the best of the Security Alarm Systems available […]
Electronic Security Systems Chennai India

ATSS-Active Total Security Systems

ATSS ELECTRONIC SECURITY SYSTEMS As Much as Earning Money is important for a living, spending a part of it for our security has also become a necessity. People try to protect their Personal and Office properties through different ways possible, and the best way is with the usage of Electronic security systems. With the Rise […]